Harvesting Change

“Change is possible only in the present. Even if external change is limited, internal change is possible.”

Virginia Satir – pioneering systems theorist, teacher, and therapist

apples in grassOnce you know what your change goal is, we help you identify “what road will take you there.” Falling Apples consultants will use the results of your assessment to customize a specific development strategy that will get you the desired results. Lasting change in organizations is mostly likely to be achieved when the individual, the team, and the organization, are all engaged in the effort to move in a new direction. Where do you start? These are some of the possibilities…

If you are seeking change within:

  • Coaching can provide you with feedback on your blind spots and development needs, help you address motivational issues, and identify your next steps and next stretch.
  • Training can help you develop new skills and behaviors required in your current job or a future career, expand your leadership competencies, and cultivate your emotional intelligence.

If you are seeking change between:

  • Group Facilitation can help teams, work groups, or committees develop productive norms, identify optimal roles, assimilate new leaders, and commit to effective ways of managing conflict and problem solving.
  • Team Building can improve interpersonal trust, clarify goals, roles, and outcomes, encourage mutual accountability for results and shared leadership.
  • Leadership Development can help you identify your leadership style and strengths, as well as understand how to inspire a shared vision, enable others to act, encourage excellence, and provide resources.

If you are seeking change among:

  • Strategic Planning can help your organization clarify the company’s mission, vision, values, strategy and goals-all critical elements of staying aligned within and competitive in your market!
  • Program Design and Development–customized for your workplace–can help your employees build business-critical skills, leading to greater productivity, engagement, and retention.
  • Organization Development can improve your company’s overall effectiveness through planned and integrated change processes, leadership development, intentional culture change, and organizational structure that supports your strategy.

But change also means that there will be an inevitable period in which you may feel vulnerable or invigorated, incompetent or excited. Conflicts with others may increase as the system you work in adjusts to new approaches and behaviors. Performance may even decline for a while before improvement can take hold. It can feel like chaos.

But take heart. We view such chaos as natural, predictable, and potentially productive. It is part of your path to a new way of being, a better status quo. The idea is to minimize the intensity and duration of chaos. Support, practice, and resources will all be needed to sustain the change journey. As the poet Robert Frost wrote, “The only way out is through.”

Our process will identify specific steps and timeframes to help you make progress, and our coaches will help you learn how to make change stick, celebrate your accomplishments, and look at next steps.