About Our Consultants

Diana J. Newton, MA, MEd

c1Diana Newton is currently the Owner and Principal Consultant for Falling Apples Consulting, where she focuses on developing individuals and teams to achieve superior results as leaders and team members.

As a Leadership Coach, Diana works with leaders to creatively explore all their domains of learning—cognitive, emotional, and somatic—and invites greater self-awareness, deeper interpersonal connections, more authentic communication, and effective influence.

Her role as a Learning Strategist involves creating learning experiences through needs assessment, instructional design, program development and evaluation to delivering them through coaching, facilitation, and training.

Diana’s experience spans numerous industries, with particular depth in the health care and pharmaceutical industries. She was the lead designer and master trainer for an award-winning blended learning program on people management that has been implemented for all new managers worldwide at a Fortune 100 company.

Her work creatively bridges the worlds of psychotherapy, corporate training, and leadership coaching, allowing her to bring great breadth and depth to her roles. She specializes in the area of emotional intelligence, purposefully integrating and modeling her expertise in both individual and organizational interactions.

Most recently, she is the co-author of Leadership Blueprint: Why We Better Lead and Lead Better, with Dr. Paul Hersey. The book examines how situational leadership empowers leaders with skills for thriving at the lightning-fast pace of today’s globally diverse, and geographically dispersed workplaces.

Diana has not only worked as an external consultant, but has also previously served in a range of internal professional roles ranging from small start-ups to large corporations.

Prior to coaching, consulting and training, Diana spent a number of years as a psychotherapist in private practice. She holds Masters’ degrees in English and Counselor Education from UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State University, respectively, and is a licensed NBCC Professional Counselor. She attended Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching program and is certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) at an ACC level.

Our Consultants:

Falling Apples Consulting engages a network of highly experienced coaches and consultants to ensure that you get the support you need for your change efforts. We will discuss the credentials and capabilities of our trusted colleagues with you to identify the best fit based on your specific goals and needs.


"Thinks and acts as a partner with her clients"

Diana is one of those consultants who thinks and acts as a partner with her clients, not merely a vendor of services. She has provided a range of services for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. At every point I have found her not merely expert in her area and responsive to my requests, but fully engaged in helping me think about and anticipate the business challenges in front of us and the results we are striving for. She is quick, intelligent, committed, available and a genuine pleasure to work with.

Keith Hayes, former Director, Internal Communications
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

“An invaluable resource in providing insightful coaching..."

“I have been fortunate enough to work with Diana on many projects, both large and small.  She has been an invaluable resource in providing insightful coaching to the leaders within our organization, assisting them in the achievement of significant business results.  In addition, when dealing with groups, I have never seen a better facilitator in my 25 years of industry experience.”

Doug Shupinski, Director of Leadership Development
Merck & Co. Inc.